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Survival Rank Perks

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Moonless, Oct 28, 2016.

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  1. Moonless


    #1 Moonless, Oct 28, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2016
    So here it is in all it's glory! The perks for ranks on Survival. You may see some of these perks migrate to the EUla friendly ranks on the other servers too, maybe.

    • Sit On Stairs (Right click a stair block)
    • Ride Players (/ride toggle to toggle riding you on and off)
    • Melon thrower
    • blizzard blaster
    • Snowball
    • In Love Particle Effect
    • Frozen Walk Particle Effect
    • Crushed Candy Cane Particle Effect
    • Hype Cart Mount
    • Chicken Morph
    • Rave Helmet
    • Angel, Scared, Embarrassed Hat
    • Happy Emote
    • Bat, Cow, Chicken, Squid, Silverfish Disguise
    • Town Aura, Snowball Poof, Critical Trails.
    • Fun Gun Gadget
    • Quake Gun Gadget
    • Real Cigarette /realcigaret
    • /hat Puts an item on your head
    • /fw Launches a random firework
    • /instantfw Explodes a firework instantly at your location
    • Pig Pet
    • Frost Lord Particle Effect
    • Rain Cloud Particle Effect
    • Flame Fairy Particle Effect
    • Glacial Steed Horse Mount
    • Ecologist Horse Mount
    • Snowman Morph
    • Rave Boots
    • Kissy, Sad, Cool, Surprised Hat
    • Cheeky Emote
    • Snowman, Zombie, Donkey, Mule Disguise
    • Snow Shovel, Portal, Large Smoke Trails
    • Bat Blaster Gadget
    • Paintball Gun Gadget
    • /nick Change your name to a nickname
    • /givegun Gives you a modified bow that can shoot fireworks which explode on impact.
    • Chicken Pet
    • Pet Cow
    • Green Sparks Particle Effect
    • Snow Cloud Particle Effect
    • Infernal Horror Horse Mount
    • Drugged Horse Mount
    • Pig Morph
    • Rave Leggings
    • Dead, Crying, Smile, Wink Hat
    • Deal With It Emote
    • Pig, Pig Zombie, Spider, Zombie Villager Disguise
    • Red Dust, Colored Red Dust, Instant Spell Trails
    • Chickentator Gadget
    • Explosive Sheep Gadget
    • Sheep Pet
    • /rapidfw <seconds> Launches fireworks rapidly for a maximum of 10 seconds
    • Pet Dog
    • Flame Rings Particle Effect
    • Music Notes Particle Effect
    • Mount Of Water Horse Mount
    • Rave Chestplate
    • Derp, Big Smile, Iron, Gold Hat
    • Cool Emote
    • Wolf, Sheep, Cave Spider, Skeleton, Witch Disguise
    • Wake, Spell, Witch Magic Trails
    • Tsunami Gadget
    • Chicken Parachute Gadget
    • /halofw Fireworks float around your head in a halo pattern
    • Boxer Dog Pet
    • Frog Pet
    • Duck Pet
    • Pet Kitten
    • Enchanted Particle Effect
    • Walking Dead Horse Mount
    • Diamond, Piston, Command Block, Juke Box Hat
    • Wink Emote
    • Blaze, Ocelot, Endermite, Stray Disguise
    • Slime, Angry Villager, Ender Signal Trails
    • Black Hole Gadget
    • Color Bomb Gadget
    • Sheep Balloons /sb Carry around helium filled sheep.
    • /minifw Launch yourself on a firework into the sky.
    • /grenadefw Throw a TNT firework on the floor
    • Pet Mooshroom
    • Ender Aura Particle Effect
    • Inferno Particle Effect
    • Mount Of Fire Horse Mount
    • Wither Skeleton Morph
    • Squid, Chicken, Pig, Blaze Hat
    • Love Emote
    • Wither Skeleton, Skeleton Horse, Mooshroom, Undead Horse, Villager Disguise
    • Mob Spell, Mob Spell Ambient, Note Trails
    • Ghost Party Gadget
    • Disco Ball Gadget
    • Turtle Pet
    • Pug Pet
    • Panda Pet
    • Pet Bunny
    • Blood Helix Particle Effect
    • Slime Mount
    • Creeper Morph
    • Sheep, Iron Golem, Enderman, Mario Hat
    • Luigi, Batman, Chest, Skull Hat
    • Surprised Emote
    • Creeper Disguise
    • Rabbit, Slime, Enderman Disguise
    • Lava, Happy Villager, Flame Trails
    • Trampoline Gadget
    • Portal Gun Gadget
    • Minime Pet
    • MP8 Pet
    • Pumpling Pet
    • Angel Wings Particle Effect
    • Sheep Snake Mount
    • Ghost, JackOLantern, Scary Clown, Santa Hat
    • Cry Emote
    • Guardian, Elder Guardian,Magma Cube Disguise
    • Enchantment, Cloud, Spark Trails
    • Lightning Strike Upon Joining The Server
    • Firework Gadget
    • Party Popper Gadget
    • /namefw Launch a firework that displays your name in the sky.
    • Pet Wither
    • Super Hero Particle Effect
    • Nyan Sheep Mount
    • Snowman, Present, Elf, Bedrock Hat
    • Angry Emote
    • Polar Bear, Horse, Iron Golem, Shulker Disguise
    • Drip Lava, Drip Water, Hearts, Magic Criticals, Iron Crack Trails
    Sorry about the first formatting glitch. Hopefully this one is easier to read
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  2. Nadya

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: NADYA
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  3. MindTheBlocks


    dang it -.-
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  4. Deathdaman

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Dxmxn
  5. lampple3

    SNW Legend

    Minecraft account: lampple3
    So many fireworks!
  6. johnmcphail


  7. Fingy

    SNW Legend

    Minecraft account: Fingy2Hawt
    I would like tutorials on how to use the pets/gadgets because I can't figure out how to use them :p
  8. Moonless


    I think there is a tutorial in the works but the first step is to do /uc mainmenu
    to check out the gadgets do /uc menu gadgets
  9. Chris Wery


    Yes, how to use disguise would be great. Thanks!
  10. lampple3

    SNW Legend

    Minecraft account: lampple3
    You just do /d and the disguise name

    For example: /d Villager
  11. fierydragons


    why did u change it and get rid of some of the mounts??? its rly annying bc u got rid og the decent ones
  12. fierydragons


    but i want a horse :( they should just get rid of the pig and creeper then
  13. fierydragons


    so why did they get rid of them
  14. Deathdaman

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Dxmxn
  15. JoeSheep

    SNW Enthusiast

    The horse mounts have been disabled temporarily until they are stable.
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  16. Deathdaman

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Dxmxn
    Ah, makes sense
  17. Deathdaman

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Dxmxn
    Don't get me started on the drugged one lmao
  18. Deathdaman

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Dxmxn
  19. fierydragons


    Ahh ok i thought that they werent coming back
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