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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by drtshock, Nov 28, 2014.

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  1. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent
    #1 drtshock, Nov 28, 2014
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    see below
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  2. Moonless


    #2 Moonless, Jul 16, 2016
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    Hi folks. In keeping with the new update and new minigames and new owner and new developer….(well you get the point), we have updated the rules as well! The purpose of these rules is ensure that the entire server is a safe and fun place to play for everyone.

    We sincerely care about all the players on the network and feel that everyone should feel safe to play free from harassment, abuse or vulgarity. Of course when we say all our players we do mean all, even those who may not be universally loved by all.

    Please read and follow the rules. These rules are not negotiable. Not following these rules can, and will, result in kicks, mutes, and bans. Arguing about these rules or your punishment will result in an immediate and minimum 10 minute mute. Staff have final say in all punishments.

    • Play fair and clean. That means no hacking, unfair mods or clients, abusing glitches, exploiting flaws in the system, x-ray texture packs, afk farming, mining or fishing, bolt farming (with an alt or a main account), spawn killing, cross teaming, team griefing or otherwise gaining an unfair advantage over other players.
    • Keep it PG and respectful to all players. That means keep the language PG. Don’t swear excessively, aggressively or at another player; don’t discuss or imply sexual content of any kind, do not use racial, homophobic, anti-semitic, religious, or gender related slurs in any way; no inappropriate names or nicknames; no building or posting links to inappropriate visual content, or anything that could be deemed disrespectful or non-PG.
    • Keep it safe and secure. That means NO THREATS OF ANY KIND (including but not limited to ddos threats, ip grabbing, suicide encouragement ie KYS, drink bleach, etc); no releasing personal information, including players real world first names; no posting links to malicious websites; no joking about any type of threat; or anything else that would make our players feel unsafe.
    • Avoid annoying people. That includes but is not limited to no spamming, no excessive caps, no excessive hackusations without proof, no impersonating other people, no excessive use of /me, no msg or command spamming, no bickering in chat, and no server hate (if you have an issue address it the staff on the forums not in chat).
    • Staff are in charge. That means no impersonating them, no arguing with staff, no harassing staff, no global ban or mute evasions, no insulting staff (even in msg).
    • No advertising of any kind. That includes but is not limited to, posting promotional or referral links, discussing other servers, posting youtube videos or channels that promote another server either in the video, the title, or in the description, giving out IP’s to other servers, promoting your own channel or stream in chat (with the exception of players who have the youtuber rank), or recruiting staff for your own server. Please be aware that talking about another server, even in msg may be considered advertising and could lead to a permanent ban without warning.
    Server Specific issues:
    • Invasion-
      • Spawn killing comes under global rules # 1, 2, and 4. So yeah still not okay
      • Team griefing would fall under rule #1, 2, and #4. So yes that one is still “no-no”
      • Kit sharing is a definite rule breaker. It falls under rule #1 for sure and definitely #4!
    • Skyrealms
      • TP trapping/killing is still not okay and falls under rules #1, 2, and 4.
      • Scamming is a rule breaker too. It breaks #1, 2, and 4.
    • Koth
      • So a new one here...Cross teaming! This is basically helping another colored team kill off your own team. This falls under #1, 2, 4 again.
    • Creative
      • Plot griefing - either on a plot you were given access to or to another one. This would also include using minecarts to grief a single plot or an area around a plot. Keep your builds in your plot. Clearly breaking rule #4 and #2.

    • Survival
      • No griefing
      • No stealing
      • No TP Trapping or TP killing
      • No pushing people into PvP areas from Non-PvP areas
      • No Pvp in residences unless it is clearly labeled as PvP and has gotten permission from the admins
    If you disagree with the decision of a staff member, or your punishment, you may take the issue up with our leadership team, @FlamingPaw, @Nick, or @MoonlessMidnight through a ban appeal.

    All players must submit a ban appeal through the forums to have their bans considered for reversal. Please do not ask staff members to unban you through skype or in game. Doing so may result in a lengthening of your ban or being banned on the server you are messaging them through.

    The staff reserve the right to to kick afk players due to rule #1. Anyone who does not respond to a staff member after 3 attempts to speak to the player in chat or msg will be considered afk.

    All staff will be given guidelines as to what an appropriate punishment is for the different infractions. Warnings will be given using the /warn command which will also track the warnings of players to ensure that players are being treated fairly. All complaints about staff will be investigated and will be addressed appropriately, in private, with the staff member (don’t expect to have a public display if a staff has made a mistake it will not happen).

    We hope that these rules will be clear and easy to follow while ensuring that everyone has a fun time on the server and with our community.
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