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Grand Opening of the Network

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by drtshock, Oct 5, 2013.

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  1. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent

    I am overwhelmingly pleased to finally announce to you guys the opening of our network! Over the past month or so we have been working furiously on putting together a network. This is a pretty long post detailing all the new things so bear with me :3

    New Things
    • Multiple games for people to play.
    • A way to connect to factions, survival and any other non game servers.
    • Bolts (explained below).
    • A unique way to join servers.
    • A fun and interactive hub.
    • Completely custom plugins made by our awesome dev team.
    • Factions reset with new shopping mall and improved donor perks.
    • Survival rebuild (soon to come).

    How to connect
    You can connect via snw.io, shocknetwork.net, shock.so, or any subdomains on those.

    There you can see the awesome area our build team has created. You spawn with a bow and can use that to teleport or join servers. Each server has a target. If you hit a target with an arrow you will be sent to that server. Otherwise you will be teleported to where your arrow lands.

    Bolts are the new global currency for the network. You can donate for them or you can earn them by playing games. You will then be able to buy things for each game with bolts like better armor, weapons or other special items unique to each game.

    We will have a sexy page displaying everyone's bolt count at http://snw.io/pages/bolts soon :)

    Other New Donations
    You will also be able to donate for different things on specific games instead of bolts. You can find these under the "Games" tab on Buycraft.

    We also have VIP and MVP ranks for games and the hub:
    • VIP -> $10 a month or $30 lifetime.
    • MVP -> $20 a month or $60 lifetime.
    VIP and MVP will get you things like bolt multipliers for certain games, prefixes in chat, pets on the hub, access to full servers, private servers (in the future), beta test new games before they are released to the public, a warm fuzzy feeling of helping us, and anything else we will add in the future :)

    We have quite a few new games for you guys. Some are already implemented and some are still being developed and will be added when they are finished. We will of course let VIPs and MVPs help test them before they are released. Current games:
    • Invasion - Intense PvP map action team vs team.
    • Risk - Control more areas than your opponent.
    • King of the Hill - Protect the mountain.
    • Skywars - Fight off the others up in the sky.
    We are working on more games and I will keep you guys updated as we roll those out :)

    Factions Reset
    We reset factions! It was about time. There were a few main reasons behind this:
    • New spawn
    • New mall for player shops and global shops
    • New economy
    • New donor perks
    Ranks will of course be kept along with any McMMO skills you donated for in the past. Otherwise absolutely nothing will be kept. If you donated for McMMO skills and would like to retrieve them on the forums then please create a new thread in the Factions Support section.

    We are working on the ever so difficult task of balancing the economy. We thought we did a good job last time but the inevitable imbalance happened. I wanted to wait for 1.7 to reset the server but we just couldn't afford to wait much longer.

    @FlamingPaw is also now the head admin of factions. This means that he will be taking on some of my duties as I will have a broader spectrum of duties across the network. Congratulations to Paw :)

    Survival has been pretty bland lately and we haven't really had any new players for quite some time. That is why we are working on a complete rebuild of survival. We have a server with just Craftbukkit and plan on changing it up but still keeping that vanilla, legit survival feel that the server has had since it's inception. We will most likely implement this in 1.7. Yes, donor ranks will be kept for this. If you wish to help then contact @JoeSheep or post in the survival forum section.

    We are working on a new voting system that will allow you to get rewards on whichever server you are currently playing. We will also have a top voters page to go along with this.

    Since this system wasn't ready in time for the new month we will most likely be implementing it at the beginning of November. But don't worry, there will still be rewards for voting on the hub :)

    We've had a lot of talented developers help us make all this possible. I'd like to thank people for what they've done to date.

    @hawkfalcon has helped oversee all the developers and keep them motivated. He's worked on: HubManager, Bolts, BoltAPI, Invasion, and Pitfall.

    @turt2live - our lead dev - has done an unbelievable amount of work so far. He came in and rewrote the GameAPI we had in just a few days and did an amazing job. He also wrote King of the Hill in 2 days.

    @evilmidget38 wrote the BanManager plugin that we use across all servers.

    @Gravity is working with us on having an enterprise AntiCheat system.

    @Ivan wrote BuildMe.

    @lol768 has done a ton of work on the website including the vote page, the bans page, and a ton of other little things that I couldn't do myself.

    @blha303 wrote a nice API that gives us the player count across all our servers in a nice format.

    @Husky helped with a bunch of database stuff.

    @squidicuz and t00th made risk.

    @Iaccidentally worked on the GameAPI, juggernaut, and Bolts..

    @drtshock I wrote the bulk of the HubManager along with the vote plugin. But I have been focusing on managing more than coding.

    You might have noticed that @hawkfalcon has an owner tag just like mine. Him and I have partnered together to make this happen. He came to me and said he wanted to start up his own server. That was when I was still stuck with scrappy. I saw this as a perfect opportunity for both of us; get rid of scrappy and bring in someone that I love to work with. Hawk and I have a very unique deal that is much different than the one that scrappy and I had, but I will not get in to exact terms here.

    Hawkfalcon will not have anything to do with factions so don't worry guys, this doesn't mean we're going to have another owner to blame for things not getting done on there :p He will be working on the games network. I will be working on that as well, but it will primarily be his focus.

    New Rank
    We also have a new staff rank called GameMaster. These people will be staff on the game network and be able to go on each server to catch cheaters. You can apply to be a GameMaster where the other staff applications are. These people will be moderators on all game servers and be able to mute, kick, and ban people.
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  2. hawkfalcon


    Minecraft account: Hawkfalcon
    Amazingly sexy!
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  3. Nick


    Minecraft account: SirNickParks
    Its. Amazing. Thanks @drtshock and @hawkfalcon for making this possible for all of us! And all the other amazing staff members who make the server fun for all of us :)
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  4. lol768

    Site Developer

    Minecraft account: lol768
    Congrats guys, I know you've worked a ton on this :-D
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    This is great - here have some PIE
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  6. squidicuz


    Minecraft account: squidicuz
    Awesome! :D
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  7. FlamingPaw


    Minecraft account: FlamingPaw
    Pawsome :3
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  8. isaachu


    Will the server reset AGAIN in 1.7 AND plz dont lie!!
  9. Rosethorne

    Absolutely Shocking

    Gratz Paw! :D

    All this is awesome! Can't wait to check it out!
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  10. IceFire


    Minecraft account: TheMagicPin
    Great, now I want to get VIP or MVP...
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  11. kelzun1325


    Congratz Paw!
    Can't wait to check out all the new things :)
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  12. Iaccidentally


    I did a thing. And some stuff.
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  13. Xandyr


    <3 @squidicuz. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of you in the factions server. :)
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  14. WomboCombo

    SNW Legend

    Awesome! Paw is gonna be the HEAD admin he's the fucking wolf!
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    Wow guys, wtf, I am gone for a month and then new name, new ip, new staff. Could someone please fill me in, and where is scrappy???

    P.S i am not trying to sound rage here

    P.P.S I would love to help right after I finish coding my hunger games server for my new HG server..
  16. WomboCombo

    SNW Legend

    Scrappy has been demoted and HawkFalcon has filled in for his spot. We've recruited a lot of new staff.
  17. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent
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