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Factions Reset and Network Updates

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by drtshock, May 13, 2015.

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  1. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent
    This announcement is long overdue but let me get the boring stuff out of the way.

    We are having a 30% off sale through the rest of the weekend!

    Network Updates
    Our host is not a typical Minecraft host so they didn't have certain settings setup initially to be ideal for a Minecraft network. They've since made some adjustments and put us on some new upstream rules as well as on a stronger network. We had issues with 'port saturation' where servers on our block would be having too much traffic through one port causing all users to suffer. Ideally, the switch we made last night should resolve all lag and connection issues people have been having.

    After a lot of hard work, we're finally ready to release our reset! The reset brings some new plugins, Faction updates, and tons of other fixes and builds. To highlight a few:
    • New spawn from our build team
    • New warzone by Deathsnake
    • New crate keys for purchase and for voting
    • Mcmmo no longer has a purchase limit and is much, much cheaper.
    • No more mob arena (had too many people abusing it)
    • New /warp schematics
    • Disguises working again!
    • New sell prices in shop
    • New kits
    • Votes now give you crate keys that can have items, money, mcmmo, and even rank kits
    • MVP and above have /nv which toggles unlimited night vision on and off
    • More playervaults per rank! Size updates automatically as you rank up.
    • New pretty messages!
    As always, all items, vaults, enderchests, money, mcmmo, exp, factions, claims, worlds, and everything else except for ranks reset.

    When you join the server again for the first time, you will get your mcmmo and money for your rank exactly 3 seconds after you join. If you log off right away, you will not get your money and mcmmo so make sure to stay!

    Bans reset as well. The only people that were kept banned are our globally banned players as well as the people that duped before the reset. Those players have a 7 day ban from today.

    We're becoming huge proponents of voting. Our server has risen in the rankings a ton with the addition of voting keys on Skyrealms. We are now bringing them to Factions (again) with some great rewards! Each time you vote, you have a chance to get an assortment of items from the following list:
    • 32 Diamonds
    • 32 Obsidian
    • 32 TNT
    • Premium Kit
    • VIP Kit
    • MVP Kit
    • 2 Gapples
    • 5 ShockApples
    • 64 Cookies
    • 1 Fusion Key
    • 1 Plasma Key
    You can still vote twice a day to get rewarded on all servers. We are currently ranked #80 on minecraftservers.org, lets see how high this can bring us :)

    Future Updates
    We are currently working on a new 1v1 system that will be used on Factions and Skyrealms. After that update is out, our focus will be on a new game mode. The plan is to have the first new game ready to test by early June and then released early-mid June. We won't have many new features coming to the servers during that time but we will be fixing bugs that come up as always.
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  2. Bluuuu

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Bluuuu
    Yay! It gets better and better
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  3. HybridPower


  4. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent
  5. Tezwar

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Tezwar
    Please can you sort out Repair, it has been nerfed!
  6. Naryus

    Absolutely Shocking

    With all these great additions I should probably get into Factions!
  7. TheHebrewsHammer

    Build Team

    Minecraft account: HammersCreations
    Any reactions about the new spawn?
  8. Snapdragon

    SNW Legend

    Minecraft account: Snapdragon
    I love the new spawn, looks sexy as ever! Also, I can't wait for more! :D
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  9. Bluuuu

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Bluuuu
    I went on and the changes amazes me. The schmatics are best. Always wanted to see them without a picture
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  10. dolpjin6989


    I lost my tnt cannon that i bougth just before the reset... Never got to use it 4$ wasted...
  11. DaSuperDonut

    SNW Legend

  12. Tezwar

    Absolutely Shocking

    Minecraft account: Tezwar
    I managed to get on top of spawn. #SoProud.
  13. Chao_neng123

    SNW Enthusiast

    Minecraft account: MitsukaSouji
    LETS DO DIS!!!
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