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1.8 Updates and Factions Reset

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by drtshock, Jan 30, 2015.

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  1. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent
    We finally updated Creative, Factions and the Lobby to full 1.8! This means new blocks, new mobs, and other new things. The reason we waited so long to do this update is because there have been many issues with 1.8 that we wanted resolved first.

    New Host
    We initially started hosting with OVH because of how cheap they are. OVH worked great when we only had 20 people on the server but lately the connection has been awful. We are now on PhoenixNAP which is a much better host and used by many other servers. Hopefully you notice how awesome the new host is :)

    Creative received a full 1.8 update. This means you can use all the new blocks! There were not any further changes at this time.

    We are resetting points due to how many people exploited the team glitch and were gaining points at an unreasonable rate. We apologize for this and we know it sucks to have your hard earned classes taken away again. That is why we are doing a 2x points multiplier for everyone through the rest of the weekend to help you earn some of your points back!

    People asked for a leaderboard so now there is also a podium with the top 3 players in points!

    We've been working on fixing bugs while trying to not make new ones. We've limited team glitching but it's still happening once and awhile. We're hoping that our new host and some recent changes eliminate it entirely :) We've also given the maps some love based on suggestions!

    • Reduced amount of TNT
    • Changed minor spelling errors in Spawn Signs
    • Removed water source blocks
    • Replaced iron blocks in mines with iron ore
    • Reduced the amount of gold ore in minecart chests, and added pickaxes
    • Evened out glowstone lamps in Spawns
    • Shifted "Bleed" sign closer to the bridge
    • Evened out vine formations on the bridge
    • Removed enchantement tables
    • Replaced food chests with pickaxes, cobwebs, vines, and ladders
    • Added bedrock under beacons
    • Shifted the ground bedrock layer upwards
    • Changed map biome to Taiga
    • Reworked the lava over the Invaders spawn
    • Replaced redstone blocks and some blue wool at Defending base with lapis blocks
    • Protected the sponges a bit more
    • Removed unnecessary glass over the Defending spawn exit
    • Replaced food chest at Invading spawn with more building blocks and cobwebs
    • Widened the back exit of the Invading spawn
    • Completed minor aesthetic touches to Defending spawn
    • Added an obsidian pathway in the Defending spawn
    • Added more pickaxes to Defending side
    • Widened back exit of Defending base (the one to the staircase)
    • Removed unnecessary amount of anvils on Defending base
    • Made the spawnpoints prettier
    • Tweaked the first bridge outside the Defending spawn
    • Added netherrack to the chests of the Invading spawn
    • Changed credits sign to reflect builder's name change
    • Tweaked floating island and cloud shapes a bit
    • Took knockback off of the Moon Rocks
    • Added decorative hoops to the main bridges
    • Added credits sign
    • Took knockback off of the Meteorite Shovel
    • Removed ugly purple wool border
    • Fixed the bare stone in the corners of the map
    • Replaced food on Invading side with bows and cobwebs
    • Added more pickaxes, flint and steel, cookies, and fishing rods to Invading side
    • Added more pickaxes, fishing rods, stone axes, bows, and cobwebs to Defending side
    • Added an Easter Egg
    • Added a small layer of defense to the sponges
    • Added a back exit to the Invaders base
    • Gave the hills a dryad's touch to make them more grassey
    • Flowed the lava surrounding the beacon down into the void
    • Evened out the snow on both sides of the map
    • Added bedrock layer underneath beacons
    • Completely redid chests in houses
    • Added colored glass to the beacons
    • Added a small brewery to the Invaders spawn

    Skyblock is still in development. We will update you guys once we have more information.

    Our former punishment plugin was causing quite a few issues. We've moved to a different plugin and did not migrate bans. The only ones that will remain are charge backs and network bans.

    We have done some huge changes to Factions including a full reset (except ranks). Changes include:
    • More balanced economy.
    • Armor based kits.
    • Access to only your rank's kit.
    • PlayerVaults are 9 slots each at all ranks (still get the same amount of vaults).
    • Shock's Cookie which gives you strength and speed 2 when eaten. Only given in kits.
    • New bases in schematic shop (soon).
    • Mcmmo purchases are limited to 300 levels/month to make it less pay to win with less mcmmo in ranks.
    • Money is essentially /10 everything. Shop isn't quite done but we wanted to open :)
    • Mcmmo is now 100 for $7 and 300 for $17. You can subscribe to get 300/month as quickly as possible.
    • Mcmmo leveling is much more difficult now, especially at high levels.
    • New zombies mob arena.
    • /wilderness
    • Remove most glitches for getting into bases.
    • Crate keys for voting.
    • Warmup for /f home and /f warp to prevent evading combat.
    • Disguises! You get undisguised when entering combat.
    • Prevent top of nether.
    • /mpay <name> <skill> <amount> - Allows you to pay mcmmo EXP to another player. EXP are not levels and the EXP stays on the same skill.
    • Voting rewards adjusted.
      • 4 mcmmo per vote
      • 1/4 chance to get an extra 10 levels
      • 1/10 chance to get an extra 15 levels
      • Extra 15 at 10 votes
      • Extra 45 at 30 votes
      • Extra 250 at 60 votes
    This is a move toward a less OP server that requires players to work for their items, prevent glitching into bases, grind harder for leveling, less pay to win, and the ability to grind mcmmo EXP for other players. We hope you like this update.

    You will get your mcmmo and money for your rank when you first join the server. If you immediately log off, you will not get it.

    Someone stole my faction name. What do I do?
    Try bribing them.

    What exactly was kept and what was reset?
    Everything was wiped except for purchased ranks. This means mcmmo, items, vaults, inventories, factions, bases, etc. were all wiped.

    What about the mcmmo I purchased?
    They were a one time purchase. With our attempt to make it less pay to win, we have increased the price and limited the amount that can be purchased.

    The kits aren't what I paid for!
    Our ToS states that packages can change at any time.

    What are the crates and how do I vote for them?

    You can vote by clicking the Vote tab above. You have a random chance of getting a crate key on each vote so good luck!

    Why prevent glitching?
    We are preventing this for a few reasons: 1. Players asked for it, 2. We want the server to have a more legitimate raiding experience and we do not believe the excessive glitching was in line with that.

    Why a reset so soon?
    We felt that the server was too split between OP and not OP and it was bleeding players. We hope this gains a ton of renewed interest and boosts player count again along with our tournament and advertising for February.
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  2. lehmaqr


    Yaas! Finally my map file worked for you guys. On a plus side, it's been so long that I forget where I hid a lot of stuff.
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  3. Fingy

    SNW Legend

    Minecraft account: Fingy2Hawt
    #3 Fingy, Jan 30, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
    Woo with these updates, seems like they'll make games more interesting and less P2W :D
    also can't log onto the server for some reason, maybe something with the spawn or just me.
  4. XeLPhor


    Minecraft account: ep1K_x3LPhor
    UNBELIEVABLE on the points reset again! Seriously, last time this happened it was quoted to "not happen again"! Disappointed!
  5. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent
    We apologize for that but there were people with way too many points because of a glitch in the code base before I took over.
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  6. Crusher48

    SNW Enthusiast

    Really? Why punish everyone over a glitch? WTF?
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  7. Mario12space

    SNW Legend

    Minecraft account: Mario12space
    OMG YES a more obduro-like feel <3 I'm gonna be playing a lot more now on :D
  8. AlphaDeath212


    What a shocker to find. Oh, used that one. Awesome stuff! Why the small vaults though?
  9. KAMO287

    SNW Legend

    @Thingie64 I had an issue logging is as well - just join directly to .f.snw.io < and then type hub and log out- see if it works (worked for me)
  10. Narnia

    Nocturnal Moderator

    Minecraft account: Narnia
    The level of sexy is through the roof.
  11. lehmaqr


    Sadly, lag positively correlates with sexiness it appears.
  12. XeLPhor


    Minecraft account: ep1K_x3LPhor
    So far unplayable. Constant drops, kicks, lag. Emtpy chests (?!).... no points, just ugh, smh.
  13. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent
    Our new DDoS protection provider is currently having some networking issues. We're working with them to get them resolved. The tournament will be postponed until tomorrow at 12pm CST (yes, it will actually be that time) due to the networking issues.
  14. michjn2002


    OMFG I'm so pissed right now... FIRST you guys reset the points too update the server lobby WHICH WAS FINE and then randomly you guys decided to finally update to 1.8 which then RESET all the FREAKIN POINTS!!!!! so FREAKIN pissed with Shock ugh... Also the lag is making it UNPLAYABLE. PLZ FIX it and give us our POINTS back PLZ!!!. You can't just randomly take it away and make people buy ranks to get the classes they want. Many people spent hours trying to accomplish what they've wanted and now some people ain't gonna get what they want. SO PLZ fix it. If you can't, then I don't mind that my points are gone but I'm still pissed but I understand that you guys have worked very hard getting the server onto 1.8 but couldn't you have done that in the First Overhaul??? ;-; :mad:
    Anyways still love the server (still gonna play) but plz fix the lag and somehow give back the points (somehow...)

    G'day :D
  15. Mario12space

    SNW Legend

    Minecraft account: Mario12space
    The points were reset again because players were exploiting the system to get a lot of them, so thats why they were reset. As for the lag, well thats because of the server's DDoS protection system, which is having some issues atm. But the good thing is that there is a x2 points multiplier for the weekend so you can get your points back :)
  16. drtshock


    Minecraft account: Trent
    @michjn2002 please read my above post about the networking issues. It's quite unfortunate that our new provider is having issues on our first day with them. We're not happy about it either.

    We understand resetting points again was a very upsetting decision. We felt we had to go with this because so many people had abused the team glitching to get points and we had no way to track down who did it and for how many points. That's why we are making up for it with a 2x multiplier this weekend :)
  17. Crusher48

    SNW Enthusiast

    So basically, its like a teacher giving everyone an F because one person cheated and the teacher couldnt figure out who.
  18. Narnia

    Nocturnal Moderator

    Minecraft account: Narnia
    "One person" was over 90% of the players.
  19. Crusher48

    SNW Enthusiast

    90% of the players? I never got any extra points from glitches, so its definitely not 90% of the players because I never even heard of the issue. And even if it was 90% of the players, how exactly was that unfair if everyone was benefitting from it?
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  20. LightningBone

    SNW Legend

    Minecraft account: LightningBone
    Maybe u were 1 of the 10% i guess :eek:
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